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Bodor Laser China manufactures the state-of-the-art Fiber Laser Cutting Machines of International Quality for Sheet Metal & Pipe/Tube Cutting Applications for Automotive, Engineering, Railways & Metro Industry, Sheet Metal Components, Metal Fabricators, Elevator & Lift Industry, Kitchen Equipment, Control Panel Manufacturers, Cabinets-Almirahs, Interior–Exterior Decorators, Architects, Job Work Service Providers, etc.


General Specifications & Main Configuration

  • Cast Iron Bed
  • Cast Aluminium Crossbeam
  • Auto Focus Laser Head
  • Bodor Pro Operation System
  • Intelligent Travel Protection
  • Intelligent Alarm System
  • WIFI Wireless Control
  • High Sensitivity Touch Display
  • Japan YASKAWA Servo Motor
  • Automatic Nozzle Changer, Cleaner, Calibrator (E Model and above Models)
  • Fast Exchange Platform (E, ET, P, PT Modes)
  • Auto Centric Chuck in Pipe Cutting Unit (FT, ET, PT Models Only)
  • Japan SMC Electrical Proportional Valve
  • France Schneider Disjunctor and Relay
  • Taiwan Slideway and Rack
  • Rail Automatic Lubrication System and Smoke Evacuation System
  • Closed Protection Enclosure; Cutting Status Video Monitoring (P, PT Models Only)

Cast Iron Bed

Mold Pouring, Clone Production; Integrally Formed, Reject Splicing


  • Mechanical Principle Advantage of Cast Iron Bed
  • Durable
  • Using flake graphite cast iron, the lowest tensile strength of which is 200MPa.
  • High carbon content, high compressive strength and high hardness.
  • Strong shock absorption and wear resistance.
  • Low thermal sensitivity and bed gap sensitivity reduce the loss of equipment in using, so the machine accuracy could maintain for a long time, and no deformation in a life cycle.

Auto Focus Laser Head

Auto - focus+

Cast Aluminum Crossbeam

Integral steel mold pressure casting, light, flexible and efficient

Integral steel mold pressure casting, light crossbeam can give equipment a high operation speed, improving processing efficiency to ensure processing quality.

Bodor Pro

Bodor Pro Automatic tracing-edge, dual-use for plate and tube

Using a new graphic rendering and presentation, pipe parts can realize dual display as flat and three-dimensional. Plane retouching is simple and quick, three-dimensional can synchronous display. The new four-sided edges searching, optimized edges searching mode and algorithm bring us higher cutting accuracy and accuracy stability. Dual-use cutting system of plate and tube can be switched freely, plate area and tube area are segmented intelligently, the security is enhanced. Making accurate position of pipe center, improve the tube cutting precision.

Intelligent alarm system

The system will start full abnormal alarm and push it to the interface through control center when equipment is abnormal. Finding equipment abnormal in advance and reducing hidden dangers can multiply improve the equipment troubleshooting efficiency.

Mobile phone size remote can meet one-handed operation, elegant curves fits the hand palm size well, Magnetic design can be adsorbed on the machine bed at any time, available at all time.

Operating System Display Touch Control

The new 21.5 inch touch display has a larger area and incorporates touch function for more convenience. The cooperation between the UI display and the table makes a more intuitional operation. The 10 points touch is more accurate, which improves users’ experience.

The first one to use UI design in the world which lets display respond to processing table, making processing more intuitive. Elegant curves precisely fit machine body. Strong waterproof breathable system creates the best space, making operation more convenient. Diamond cutting process and HD plasma tempered glass make screen more exquisite and comfortable to use.

WIFI Remote Intelligent Assistance

Global real-time feedback

Providing real-time fault analysis and troubleshooting.

Auxiliary Gas Low Pressure Alarm Function

Providing real-time pressure detection pushing abnormal information ensure cutting effect precision and timely gas replacement.

Bodor Laser Won Red Dot and iF two major industrial design awards

The new injection molding and anti-flaming Z-axis cover is 1/10 of weight of the original and satisfy the maximum acceleration while making it simpler. High-pressure cast aluminum cantilever supports for a stronger, long-lasting shape. The flowing ice blue light gives processing feedback directly. Brand new injection curved hocky-shaped decoration is a perfect combination between PMMA and metal plate. The whole product is more coordinated into a perfect artwork.

Product Parameters

Model F3015 F4020 F6020 F6025
Working Area 3000*1524mm 4000*2000mm 6100*2000mm 6100*2500mm
Laser Output Power 6000w/4000w/3000w/2000w/1500w/1000w
X/Y-axis positioning accuracy 0.03mm 0.05mm
X/Y-axis repositioning accuracy


X/Y-axis Max. linkage speed 140m/min


The heavy bed makes the equipment more stable in working, the light crossbeam makes it work faster; perfect industrial design is more in line with man-machine engineering; high quality electrical software control system gives equipment higher cutting precision. The machine owns more comfortable operation, more stable performance, more durable quality, higher cutting efficiency and wider application scope.

Auxiliary feeding mechanism+
Intelligent travel protection+
Automatic lubrication system+
A new generation of safety following module+
Intelligent alarm system+

General Specifications for All

  • Bodor Auto Focus Head
  • Cast Iron Bed – Lasts For Ever
  • Cast Aluminium Crossbeam
  • Bodor Pro Operating System
  • WIFI Remote Intelligent Assistant
  • Intelligent Travel Protection
  • Intelligent Alarm System
  • Working Area 3000 x 1500mm
  • Laser Power: 1000 W - 25000 W


F3015 Specifications

  • General Specifications

F3015T Specifications

  • Tube / Pipe Cutting 20-200 mm Diameter
  • Auto Centring Chuck

E3015 Specifications

  • Exchange Table
  • Auto Nozzle Changer, Cleaner, Calibration Unit

E3015T Specifications

  • Exchange Table
  • Auto Nozzle Changer, Cleaner, Calibration Unit
  • Tube / Pipe Cutting 20-200 mm Diameter, Auto Centring Chuck

P3015 Specifications

  • Full Cover
  • Exchange Table
  • Auto Nozzle Changer, Cleaner, Calibration Unit

P3015T Specifications

  • Full Cover
  • Exchange Table
  • Auto Nozzle Changer, Cleaner, Calibration Unit
  • Tube / Pipe Cutting 20-200 mm Diameter, Auto Centring Chuck

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Samples

It is suitable to cut Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminium, Brass and alloy materials.

Application Industries

The equipment meets the parts processing requirements of most industries, working accuracy is stable. At present, laser cutting machines have been widely used in electronics, electrical, mechanical hardware, new energy lithium, packaging, solar, LED, automotive and other industries.


New Energy Lithium




Kitchenware profession

For Sheet Metal Cutting & Pipe/Tube Cutting Applications - For

  • Automotive
  • Engineering
  • Sheet Metal Components
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Control Panel Manufacturers
  • Cabinets – Almirahs
  • Interior-Exterior Decorators
  • Architects
  • Automotive to Job Work Service Provider