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The laser welding system is an important aspect of laser process technology application. The laser welding process is thermal conduction, i.e. the laser radiation heats the surface of work piece, and the surface heat diffuses to the interior through thermal conduction and melts the work piece by controlling the width, energy, peak power and repeating frequency of laser pulse to form specific molten pool. Because of its unique advantage, it is widely used in the process of gold and silver jewelry and welding of Engg parts. These welding machines can be used Manually with Hand Held Welding Head as well as can attached with Automation Systems or Robotics as per applications.


Fiber Laser Source based laser welding machines are ideal for continuous welding, seam welding & drilling in the long pulse operation mode. These air-cooled, compact units are substantially more cost-effective than conventional Nd:YAG lasers due to >30% wall -plug efficiencies and maintenance-free operation. The fiber lasers are available for requalifying existing lamp-pumped processes at the application facilities and applications labs.


Model LLI-FL1000W LLI-FL2000W
Average output power 1000W 2000W
Operation Mode CW/Modulate
Max Modulation Frequency 5KHz
Output Power Stability <3%
Red Laser Yes
Terminal Type QBH
Beam Quality 1.3M2 2,1-2.7M2
Polarization Random
Delivery Cable Length 20M
Power Supply 3 PH 380V five wire connection
Control Mode RS232/AD
Power Consumption 4KW 8KW
Cooling Water Cooled
Operation Temperature 0-40 degree
Max Depth of welding 2mm 3mm
Machine Weight 300Kg



Widely used in machinery, automot ive, engineering, aviation, aerospace, signage industry, interior & exterior decorators, sporting goods, jewelry, golf head, medical equipment, Aluminium denture, instrumentation, electronics and other industries, especially for gold and silver jewelry fill the hole, point weld lines, mosaic piecesand claw foot unit area, such as welding.