We provide V-Gen fiber laser sources and laser marking machine using those sources. V-Gen develops, manufactures and markets high quality innovative laser systems for a wide range of industrial and medical applications. The company's laser systems are the product of extensive experience and the cutting edge know-how that V-Gen's professional team has developed over the years. In the industrial field the company develops and manufactures pulsed Ytterbium fiber-lasers for such applications as marking and micro-machining. V-Gen's short pulse versions are primarily implemented in LIDAR and range-finding. In the medical field, V-Gen develops and manufactures diode lasers for photodynamic therapy. V-Gen relies upon a qualified and professional distribution network to market and sell its products around the world. With a broad international base of installed systems, V-Gen laser solutions have earned the company a reputation for quality, reliability and innovation.


I. Pulsed Fiber Lasers

V-gen’s VPFL lasers are short-pulse, Ytterbium fiber lasers in MOPA configuration. The system’s TTL and RS232 control interfaces (for PC-application) can be used to operate and tune the various laser parameters (output power, pulse energy, repetition rate and pulse width). A sealed system in an all-fiber configuration, the VPFL is housed in a robust assembly that meets industrial standards. A reinforced or armored fiber cable delivers the output beam. V-gen also offers output collimators and focusers as optional units.

Main Features

• Up to 1 mJ pulse energy
• Up to 20 Watts average output power
• Wavelength 1060 – 1080 nm
• 5 – 200 nsec (tunable) pulse width
• 5 – 500 kHz (tunable) repetition rate
• Sealed, maintenance-free operation
• Wall-plug efficiency


• Marking
• Material processing
• Micromachining
• Welding
• Spectroscopy
• Medical
• Range finding

II. Industrial Single Mode CW Fiber Lasers

V-gen’s VCFL lasers are single mode CW, Ytterbium fiber lasers. The system’s TTL control interface can be used to operate and tune the laser output power. Single mode (M2 ~ 1.1) beam quality offers ideal optical performance. A sealed system in an all-fiber configuration, the VCFL is housed in a robust assembly that meets industrial standards. The compact dimensions, high wall plug efficiency and maintenance free operation allow easy and efficient OEM integration. A reinforced or armored fiber cable delivers the output beam. V-gen also offers output collimators, focusers and high-power output isolators as optional units.

Main Features

• Up to 10 Watts output power
• Wavelength 1060 – 1080 nm
• Beam quality: M2 ~ 1.1
• Sealed
• Maintenance-free operation
• TTL control interface
• Wall-plug efficiency > 25%
• Fiber delivery length: 1 – 20 m


• Marking
• Material processing
• Micromachining
• Engraving
• Welding
• Spectroscopy
• Medical
• Imaging
• Pumping

All V-gen Fiber Lasers are RoHS compliant.

Following are some key points of the superiority of our fiber laser on top of the competition:

1. Better M² results is better beam quality
2. Full tunability by controlling the output Ave power, Pulse width, PRR and Pulse energy on the fly, resulting in higher flexibility and best setup for using the laser with different applications.
3. Wide range of different laser for different applications including short pulse lasers (down to 5 nsec)
4. MOPA design for short pulse and Q Switch for wider pulse width for a better pulse shape
5. OEM ready using small footprint light weight units for the ease of deployment
6. The possibility to use low power output units (like 2.5W or 5W) with high level pulse energy (with lower PRR) instead of high power competition systems (like 10W) – low cost solution when applicable (in case speed scan is not critical)
7. Easy to use RS232/TTL interface for flexible/easy control of the unit
8. Spot size can be in various sizes: Std 8mm but can be preordered with 12mm or 4mm

V-Gen is a Young and dynamic company providing top class support level to its customers and "highly open" to the market needs.

Our different laser products can cover the following applications:

1. Marking
2. Material processing
3. Micromachining
4. Scribing
5. Thin film cutting
6. Solar cell and silicon scribing and processing
7. Diamond cutting
8. Metal processing
9. Pumping
10. Entertainment and display
11. Engraving
12. Spectroscopy
13. LIDAR application
14. Range finding, etc.

You may send us your Fiber Laser Source requirement to us on
Typical Applications:
Laser Marking of metal & non-metal materials and products: stainless steel, gold, silver, copper, aluminum alloy, acrylic, ceramics, plastics, organics, thermo-elastomer rubbers, paper, hardware tools, etc.  Hall Marking on Gold  Electronic industry: capacitor, inductor, PCB, IC, connector, control panel, instrument  Others: cosmetics, food package, bottle, gift, advertisement & signcrafts, craft & gift making
Other Nd:YAG lasers, CO2 lasers & customized laser marking systems available upon request.
Fiber Marking Systems & Fiber Laser Sources
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