We've designed our product line so that there is a laser system to meet your needs - whether you're looking for an inexpensive, small-format system or a high performance system with a large work area, we've got a system for you.
When deciding which product in Epilog's product line is right for you, take a look at the different types of lasers we manufacture and which one best fits your needs:
Epilog Zing Starter Series
Epilog Legend Elite Series
Epilog FiberMark Industrial Series
You want to engrave a wide variety of materials.
You want entry-level pricing.
You're just starting out your business.
You need an inexpensive second laser to help you expand.
You want the industry's best, low-cost laser engraving and cutting system.
You want to engrave a wide variety of materials.
You need up to 1200 dpi engraving.
You're looking for higher speed and power from a laser.
You want the highest quality laser motion control system.
You are looking for the most model choices: Mini 18, Mini 24, Helix, or Legend 36EXT.
You want to engrave metal and mark plastics.
You want to mark a jig of parts at one time.
You need to create bar codes and serial numbers on your parts.
You want to engrave logos on your tools.
You have large parts to mark (up to 24 x 12 x 5 inches (610 x 305 x 127 mm)
Zing 16 Zing 24 Legend Mini 18 Legend Mini 24 Helix 24 Legend 36 EXT Fibermark
Click on the models to see more details.
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